It is always important to be careful when trading on Digital Currency Exchanges. Below are some recommendations.

  • Have a different email address specifically for your CoinSpot account rather than using your work or personal email address. 
  • Communication to and from CoinSpot should be treated as sensitive, especially if you have provided personal or account information via email. Please consider permanently deleting any correspondence from your email account inbox.
  • Do not store any private documents in your email (e.g. Drivers Licence details, photo of your Passport, etc..) these can be used to steal your identity. 
  • Activate 2FA wherever you can – print your recovery codes in case you need to install 2FA on another device. 
  • Use complex passwords for your email and accounts, you can use password managers to randomly generate and store your passwords for you. 
  • Do not use the same password for your email address and CoinSpot account.
  • Print passwords on paper and keep them safe, you do not want to lose them. 
  • Do not trade while on a public WiFi, these are often not secure.
  • Bookmark the address for exchanges and wallets and avoid clicking advert and third party links.
  • Never give your 2FA code, user name and password or sensitive information to someone on the phone or via email. CoinSpot will never request these details over the phone or via email.
  • Store coins and tokens in your own private cold storage device.
  • Do not send coins and tokens to any individual you do not 100% trust. An individual approaching you promising extraordinary returns are likely going to steal your funds. You wouldn’t give a stranger cash would you?
  • Do not give another person remote access to your devices under any circumstance. A popular example of remote access includes installing software such as Anydesk.
  • Educate yourself on what some common scams are and how to protect yourself from these scams in this article here.



If you are unable to locate the answer to your query in our Help Centre Articles, please click ‘Submit a Request’ (Top Right) and select the appropriate category for your query. Once you have submitted a request a member of our team will be in contact as soon as possible. 

*Almost 80% of member questions are answered within an hour! Usually much faster!

Live Chat

Live Chat with our specialist Support Team is available from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Help Centre. You will find the chat option in the bottom right of all our Help Centre pages.



If you have had a great experience with one of our knowledgeable Support Team Members, please feel free to rate your chat! You can rate the chat by selecting the ‘Thumbs Up‘  or ‘Thumbs Down’ icons at the top right of the chat window.

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You can still use our Chat feature outside these operating hours and a member of our team will be in contact via email as soon as possible.



Our aim is to provide our members with options, so you can trade how best suits you.

Market Orders – 0.1%  Execute your market trades with the lowest fee available in Australia. 

Market orders have a 0.1% fee and the fee is taken out of the total value of the coin you receive. Depending on the liquidity on the Market your Buy or Sell Order may take some time to complete or complete over several trades. Buying or Selling via our Markets will attract a 0.1% fee per trade.


View the Market Orders here 

Instant Buy and Sell – 1%  Instant liquidity at a set price. 

Don’t want to wait for your order to fill? Or maybe you are looking to enter or exit a position quickly? Then our Instant Buy and Sell might be your preferred option. The fee for our Instant Buy and Sell is always a fee of 1%. This fee is higher than our Market option however it provides Instant liquidity at a confirmed price. 

Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy Stop and Buy Limit Orders via our Instant Buy/Sell pages allow you to execute your custom trade also at a 1% fee per trade. The fee will be displayed clearly on the confirmation window prior to confirming the transaction. 


View the Instant Buy FAQ here

Instant Coin to Coin Trading, CoinSwap – 1%  Access to 9000+ unique trading pairs. 

CoinSpot also provides CoinSwap. Swap is the ability to buy and sell coins/tokens with Instant liquidity from one coin, to any other coin on our platform. This creates some unique trading pairs, over 9000+ pairings not available on most trading markets. When swapping between coins the fee is also 1%. 


View the CoinSwap FAQ here

OTC Trading – 0.1%  Access high volume liquidity instantly.

CoinSpot’s specialised Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk allows members to perform high-volume transactions without the need of traditional public order books. This service is the recommended option for transactions valued $50,000 (AUD) or more. Registered Trades of $50,000 (AUD) or higher with our OTC team, incur a 0.1% fee with instant settlement. 


View the OTC FAQ here

CoinSpot NFT  0.9%  Access to over 30+ NFT collections and growing on CoinSpot.

CoinSpot has recently introduced NFTs to the platform to allow members to build their NFT collections with ease through our platform. A flat 0.9% fee will apply to each successful buying and selling transaction.

A Network Processing Fee (Gas Fee) when successfully purchasing and selling, will vary depending on network activity. Listing an NFT on CoinSpot is free and Royalty Fees when an NFT is successfully sold will be unique for each collection as the fees are set by the creator of the collection.


View the NFT FAQ here

POLi, PayID and Direct Deposits – FREE

We provide 3 deposit options that are both Instant and FreePOLi, PayID and Direct Deposits have a low minimum deposit of just $1, and zero fees!

BPAY  0.9% Fee

Cash Deposit – 2.5% Fee

Card Deposit – 2.58% Fee



When sending coins to wallets outside CoinSpot you will be charged a standard transaction (mining) fee. Please note that the fee will vary per coin based on how busy the network is. The current fee is always listed on the coins sending wallet page.



Below is a list of services that are provided FREE of charge to all CoinSpot members. 


AUD Withdrawals – FREE
We do not charge a fee to withdraw your AUD to your Australian Bank account, regardless of the amount. 
Complete your AUD withdrawal by viewing the guide here – AUD Withdrawals – How to submit a request 


EOFY Reporting – FREE
Information to assist with tax reporting is free to download from your account. 
Generate and receive your EOFY report by viewing the guide here – How to locate your EOFY report


CoinSpot Earn – FREE

At CoinSpot, we do not charge any fees when members places their coins into CoinSpot Earn. Members will receive rewards for placing their coins into CoinSpot Earn.
View the Earn FAQ Page here for more information – Earn FAQ


Creating and Maintaining your account – FREE
We do not charge a fee to create or maintain your CoinSpot account. We also do not charge any ongoing account fees to hold your funds in your CoinSpot wallets.
Get verified today, view the guide here to verify – Verify an Individual Account


Our Affiliate and Referral programs – FREE
There are also no joining fees associated with our Affiliate or Referral Programs.
View the article to learn more about being an Affiliate or a Referral – Affiliate vs Referral? Learn More

According to our CoinSpot review, CoinSpot is not a scam but a fantastic cryptocurrency trading platform with a lot going in its favor. You can personalize your account as a user by adding an anti-phishing phrase, 2FA, custom withdrawal restrictions, geo-lock logins, setting a session timeout, etc.

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